Residential Air Duct Cleaning


Residential Air Duct Cleaning in Maryland

How its done: 

  1. The furnace filter is removed, wrapped in plastic, and reinstalled to separate the supply and return sides of the system.
  2. An 8″ – 12″ hole is then cut into the return trunk line near the HVAC system.
  3. We then attach the flex hose to the 8″ – 12″ hole which connects to our 5,000 cubic feet per minute NIKRO Air Duct Cleaning System.
  4. Mastic will be used to seal off all registers in the home to increase air velocity throughout your HVAC system
  5. Starting from the furthest register, we will clean each branch line using our high-pressure air whips and rods. This process will be repeated for each register.
  6. Once all branch lines have been cleaned, we then clean out the main trunk line by drilling 1″ holes to allow access for our air cleaning tools.
  7. The preceding steps are then repeated on the supply side.
  8. After the system has been cleaned an EPA registered air duct sanitizer/deodorizer may be applied. While the system is still under negative pressure, the sanitizer is sprayed into each register with an Ultra-low Volume (ULV) Fogger. (Will be applied for additional cost)
  9. After the system has been thoroughly cleaned and sanitized, we will reseal all access holes with metal patches and reinstall all registers.


"Bait and Switch" or "Blow and Go"

This is a common tactic used by FAKE companies who are trying to lure you in with an appealing price of $50-$149, just to show up at your house and add additional fees that make the price 5-10x the advertised price! The average price of a proper air duct cleaning is $400-$1000!

Using the Wrong Equipment

Upon arriving on the job, a proper air duct cleaner will not be accompanied by a shop vac to clean your entire system. This is a common practice when the "blow and go" or "bait and switch" tactic is used. DO NOT let them provide you service!


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